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In 2002 RealSims  designed and  delivered a  unique low cost modular/re-configurable helicopter trainer under contract with the US Navy. This product  patented, and trademarked under the brand name FasTrac  Pro-Series Helicopter Simulator.

The first variations of FasTrac simulators were  single seat  open cockpit part task  trainers used  by the US Navy  to train  H-60 Helicopter pilots on the safe operation of the aircraft during Anti Submarine Warfare missions.

Real Time interaction between air crews and shipboard based sonar operators enabled realistic mission exercises and scenarios to be carried  out in a safe and inexpensive manor resulting in huge operational cost savings as opposed to live training in the real aircraft..

The line of FASTRAC simulators are totally based on Commercial  Off The Shelf (COTS) hardware and software eliminating the Navy’s dependency on competitors expensive proprietary based systems.

Our first commercial helicopter product in the FASTRAC  line up is our FASTRAC PRO SERIES Bell 206. This is a simulated replica of the commercial Bell 206 Turbine Helicopter.  This full cockpit simulator includes  a realistic crew cabin Bell 206 Cockpit,  Dual Flight Controls System, Avionics and Radio Comms and Realistic Front,  Overhead Switch Panel. The modular design provides for a number of optional add ons such as: Various Display Systems, 3 or 6 Dof Motion Systems, A Mission Sled (a rail mounting system used to swap out optional vehicle or aircraft cabs and cockpits) and optional Stand Alone Simulator Compartment Enclosure.

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