Motion Systems

Motion Systems for Simulators

Reproducing Realistic Movement in an Aircrew, Shipboard or Driver Trainer Enhances Tactical Feed Back. This can be  especially valuable in mobilized combat situations, helicopter and air crew training. Crew members train in realistic  virtual/simulated environments using accurate reproductions of the aircraft or vehicle they will operate in the  real world situation.

The addition of motion adds realism to the training in that the operator is subjected to movement vibrations and other sensual cues as witnessed in the actual equipment.

Depending on the movement physics associated with the real aircraft, vehicle cab, ship or boat, a motion system can be added to the simulation system to  replicate the motion of the real equipment.

We offer several types of motion platforms to meet your simulation system requirements. These platforms range from 2 to 6 degrees of freedom (DOF) supporting payloads of 250 to 30,000 lbs using Electric or Hydraulic actuators. Smaller light weight platforms are a cost-effective option  in the entertainment industry.

Give us a call to discuss the best solution for your application. If you currently own a motion platform and are in need of service or maintenance we can help.

We are interested in your opinions related to the value and perceived cost of adding a full motion system to a simulator. Please email us with your comments and interests:

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