The RealSims combined  management team has been designing and delivering interactive aircrew and operator training services, flight and vehicle training devices, advanced avionics systems and leading edge consulting services for over 38 years.

During this time  we have worked directly with US and Foreign Military Branches, Research and Development Facilities, Universities and industry leading Prime Government Contractors.

We have been developing and delivering unique product designs and services to our clients in response to evolving training requirements. The solutions and services we deliver are based on state-of-the-art leading edge technologies designed specifically to meet the training needs of our customers and comforts and education of their students.

RealSims provides a number of professional management services in support of our core products, services and technologies. Our professional management staff, employees, consultants and contractors are experienced in a wide range of disciplines.  The core services provided from our consulting and design teams include:

  • Design Services –  Mechanical, Architectural and Industrial Design using AUTOCAD, CATIA and other advanced computer aided design programs. Our designers consult directly with our client teams to work and manage the project from the initial design concept, through modifications, conceptual rendering, development and construction to manufacturing and delivery of the end product or project. Below are photos  one of the  flight simulator training facilities designed by RealSims,llc:
  • Facility Management Services – RealSims can staff and manage the personnel resource needs of your training facility. We can provide on or off site experienced administrators, managers, engineers, technicians and specialty staffing personnel such as:
    • Certified flight instructors
    • Armed and Un Armed Security personnel
    • Personnel with military security clearance’s
    • Hardware and Software Engineers
    • Implimentation Managers
    • Office and Facility Managers
    • Facility Administrators
    • And More
  • Multi Student Computer Based Simulators  and On Line Training Courses- Our PC based trainers are desktop workstations are configured with interactive virtual touch screens used for the administration of complex procedures such as those incurred by pilots and ground vehicle operators.  CBT workstations can support any number of networked student stations. Workstations are connected to a primary instructor operator station who can interactively monitor students progression of the course-ware (avionics systems, emergency procedures and other critical aircraft or vehicle operational processes and procedures).
  • Document Management Services, Data Storage, Retrieval and OnLine Access – Secure access to sensitive, secure and confidential information is imperative when handling sensitive and secure information.  In many cases handling and disbursement of secret and other sensitive documentation is mandated by federal regulations. RealSims provides the document management scanning and data handling  services and technology team needed to set up secure online access to your documents and training material. Once set up a graphical user interface is designed and data files can be prepared, stored and retrieved for online secure login access by editors, students and other users.  We can scan or upload your existing training or other material  to your local secure servers,  or to our FEDRamp certified secure cloud servers. This capability delivers a secure means of distributing, controlling and managing student training material used in the  CBT classroom or on-line student study access.

Should you require additional information about our facility management, training or facility staffing needs please contact the following:

Mr. Daniel Wade  
VP Eastern US, Europe & Middle East                                                                                                                                 Phone +1 (262) 379-9415

Mr. Ralf Persson
VP Western US, Asia & Pacific Rim                                                                                                                             Phone +1 (818) 575-0661