Bell 206B Full Motion Simulators For Sale

RealSims LLC is a manufacturer of high quality (Military Grade) flight and vehicle simulators to the US Department of Defense, Commercial Aviation and Aerospace industries.  We provide a complete line of NEW and REFURBISHED full motion six degree of freedom (6 DOF) and non motion (floor based) Rotor, Fixed Wing, Fast Jet and Commercial Aircraft flight simulators and vehicle cabs built to customers specification. Our simulators are used for entry through advanced level flight and operator training. We manufacture accurate reproductions of the military and commercial aircraft and vehicle cabs required for the training of vehicle drivers, equipment operators and aircrews.

Our FASTRAC Pro-Seres® line is our high end cockpits and cabs built to emulate the motion, (vibrations, movement cues and sensations)  with wide 180-220 field of view visual perspective displays.  We have a few fully refurbished and upgraded Bell 206B motion and non motion based flight simulators available for sale to the first SERIOUS BUYERS at a very affordable price.

For a BROCHURE  which includes our SPECIAL INVENTORY REDUCTION PRICE please use this link: refurbished-bell206-motionsim

Or contact us at +1 407 873-3145 here in the US.

2 thoughts on “Bell 206B Full Motion Simulators For Sale

  1. We do have one more refurbished Bell 206 Simulator available for sale.
    If you are still in the market for this item please reply to

    Thank You

  2. Yes we have one more of these left

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