Placeholder ImageRealSims understands the importance of providing large and medium-sized organizations  with secure, intuitive and immediate access to documentation.

This documentation may include reference materials, government mandated records, training material and in some cases archived (old) historical information. Older documents  are often  only available on paper (stored in boxes in a warehouse), or on micro-film or microfiche.

Documents are documents and they contain information.  What matters in the digital world is the format used to originally create the document and the manner in which it was stored.
In days before the modern computer the document may have been hand written, or typed on a typewriter. Either way,   documents  may contain volumes of relevant and critical information that is extremely valuable and/or mandated under state or federal law to retain for long periods of time.

The advent of the modern computer coupled with high-speed scanning hardware character and recognition software allows us to convert these documents (without the need to manually re-enter all the data contained on a page or volumes of pages).  During this conversion process  the document is saved/stored in a digital format (PDF, DOC, TIFF, JPG etc)  on the cloud and/or on a secure networked server where the documents can be retrieved and edited by employers and customers as the case may be.

Once the conversion process is completed we can then develop a front end Graphical User Interface (GUI)  to enable employees, users, selected clients or the general public (if preferred) to query, retrieve and edit or update  (if authorized) the document.  This front end GUI interface can be setup  for online interaction  or on a secured network server using  strict encrypted security.

Compliance  with some state and/or federal  guidelines  require  organizations and their employees to maintain strict confidentiality of  information received from the client,

This is especially true in  the health care industry. HIPAA laws restrict the dissemination and distribution of  patient health records to physicians and other authorized providers.  Credit card company’s, law firms and other types of organizations  must maintain similar confidentiality standards related to client records.

So how can your organization prepare and manage the enormous mountains of confidential information to insure you are compliant ?

The solution is to initiate and integrate  an effective, intelligent  well-managed  document management program.  Setting up a back-end knowledge base containing all of your data that can reside on the Cloud (for web-based access) or on your internal secure network.

RealSims  Subject Matter Experts (SME’s)  provide expert level consulting and project management services across a broad and diverse range of markets and disciplines.

The services we provide include :

  • Document Scanning and Conversion Services (convert paper, micro-film,micro-fiche docs)
  • Document Indexing and Character Recognition ( enable query on strings/words/phrases)
  • Business Process Analysis (a detailed evaluation of your current process)
  • Business Process Engineering (design a plan to dramatically streamline your process)
  • Business Process Re-Engineering (evaluate your current BPE process and suggest improvements)
  • Project and Program Management (once approved by you, assign personnel to help manage change)
  • Large and Small Scale Implementation Management (assemble  teams to perform development)

We provide these services to the following customers :

  • Federal and State Government Agencies
  • Health Care Providers
  • Hospitals and Clinics
  • Pharmaceutical Companies
  • Financial Institutions and Services Providers
  • Legal Service Providers
  • Others – Clients requiring access to large volumes of information

Send us a request to contact  one of our  Conversion and Document Management SME’s use this emaill address :