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Welcome the RealSims Simulation and Training Blog. Use this Blog to share your interests, ideas, comments and experiences as they relate to  the  improvement of our products and service offerings.  Your valued feedback will enable us to implement future product developments..

The mission  of RealSims is to design and deliver a line of cost effective simulator and training solutions and services. Our products are  based on Commercial Off The Shelf (COTS) technologies eliminating dependency on proprietary hardware and software.  We market our products and services  to the  US DoD, commercial aviation and aerospace industries.

We  look forward to and appreciate your input and interaction. .

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  1. We continue to make hardware and sodtware improvements to the Bell 205b Full 6 DOF Motion simulator we are offering under a REDUCED CLEARENCE PRICE.

    There are several OPTIONAL UPGRADES that we can add including:

    1 Replacement of existing RACK Computers to enhance overall system and graphics performance
    2 inclusion of an OCTOCAL VIRTURAL REALITY SYSTEM for NVG and 360degree visuals
    3 inclusion of a LARGE 65″ LED chin bubble view for enhanced Pilot and CoPilot realism during close quarter flight and hover

    Please post comments suggestions here or request a demo.

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