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Below are photos of some of the products we have designed and manufactured over the years. Our product catalog focuses on many of the non proprietary designs we have built and delivered for  project work. We specialize in providing MODULAR  SIMULATOR solutions and components based totally on  COMMERCIAL OFF THE SHELF (COTS) hardware and software technology. Use of COTS eliminates end user dependency on proprietary hardware and software which dramatically  reduces the cost of manufacturing as simulator solution. Products available in our product catalog are offered to SYSTEM INTEGRATORS and other simulator builders requiring HIGH QUALITY components needed to produce high quality solutions.

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Bell206, OH58A,D.   Cockpit Enclosure Bell 206 Cockpit Encloure

Designed and manufactured by RealSims for use in our TURNKEY MOTION and NON MOTION based Bell 206B Jet Ranger AATD Simulator.  This is  a dimensional accurate reproduction of the Bell 206/OH58   crew compartment.   This cockpit enclosure is a a rigid STEEL REINFORCED CAGE frame (ideal for motion or non motion use) molded with multiple layers of fiberglass and finished with a high gloss GEL COAT buffed to a show quality sheen. The base shell enclosure does not include interior components (seats, consoles, flight controls etc) however these are available as options. Optional interior components include Instrument Seats, Center and Front Instrument Consoles, Overhead Panels,   and Flight Controls. Optional NAVIGATION, COMM, GPS and other systems needed to complete   the cockpit and simulator are available. Prices below do not include shipping and handling and are subject to change.


FasTrac Pro-Series ™ Platform Optimization Deck (POD) PlatformBase

The FasTrac Modular Reconfigurable Platform Optimization Deck (POD) is a COMMERCIAL OFF THE SHELF simulator mounting structure. 
 It's unique design   incorporates multiple mounting points on the deck, along the sides and under the deck that allow precision installation and placement of a selection of available optional components.

Reconfiguration is as simple as removing a modular component and replacing it with another.

In addition to supporting just about any variation of cockpit or vehicle configuration,  the   POD was designed to easily   attach many types of display options including small Hemispherical Immersive Domes, Multiple Flat Screens.and LCD Displays for up to 220+ degree field of views.   Starting with a base POD you can  build the simulator  to meet your budget, starting out with a  low fidelity Part Task Trainer, and  eventually re-configuring the system up to  a full cockpit  flight trainer certified as an  FAA AATD or AFTD with or without a motion system.

FasTrac ™ Bell206B Single Channel Open Cockpit Field Deployable Classroom Trainer AATDOpenCockpitTrainer

In the above configuration the POD is configured as a single seat open cockpit part task trainer (PTT) for classroom and confined space use. Shown on the right is an H60 helicopter PTT with the optional instructor observation step. The observation step enables egress so the instructor can easily interact with the student.

FasTrac ™   Helicopter  Multi Channel Open Cockpit, Field Deployable Classroom Trainer AATD   3ChannelOpenHelo - The FasTrac Helicopter Multi Channel Open Cockpit, Field Deployable Classroom Trainer AATD uses our FasTrac POD   mounting system configured with   the Bell206B Center and Front   instrument console and helicopter flight controls (Cyclic, Collective and Anti Torque Pedals, and Three Projection based Flat Faceted Screens to produce a 180 degree field of view. This configuration is ideal for use in classroom environments where multiple trainers can be setup and networked to train pilots on the initial operation of the helicopter. Multi units can be interconnected to simulate multiple aircraft flying in formation, flying confined spaces,     following ATC instruction in traffic or adverse weather conditions and more.   In addition, FasTrac is an ideal system for configuring other types of aircraft such as Vehicles (Fire, Rescue, Police etc) where interactive coordination between airborne and ground unit training is required. FasTrac's modular design enables the PODS to be affordably configured and interfaced to the simulation environment affordably using our wide selection of interchangeable vehicle and aircraft consoles and control devices

FasTrac Reconfigurable Modular Reconfigurable MISSION SLEDREALSIMS-Bell206-6DOF-MotionSideViewFasTracMissionSLED

The RealSims Mission Sled OPTION  includes one of our  MODULAR FasTrac POD's
  mounted to a  lightweight aluminum frame which can be easily forklifted. The POD can be configured as any type of simulator cab (helicopter, MPAR, Humvee or TANK vehicle) using  a selection of   interchangeable cab enclosures configured with control systems, dashboards and  display system options. 

The MISSION Sled can be floor mounted for use as a non motion simulator, or mounted to one of our optional motion platforms This solution is ideal for the integrator looking to fill a specific simulator type requirement for a modular training  solution. 

Pictured   above (L-R) the baseline Mission Frame with the FasTrac Reconfigurable POD mounted to it. The rear compartment is used to mount electronics and computers needed to run the simulator making the entire mission sled standalone   and     easy to transport, reconfigure     or swap out on the motion platform. The photo on the right depicts   the Bell206B FULL COCKPIT TRAINER mounted on the SLED which   has been mounted to the  optional   six degree of freedom motion platform. This demonstrated the flexibility of the FasTrac and Mission Sled.

The  Pro-Series Bell 206 Jet RangeDSCF0314r  Shown Here with our FULL 6 DOF Motion Option - Is a detailed reproduction, high fidelity   simulator based on the Bell 206B aircraft. The cockpit enclosure was modeled directly from the Jet Ranger airframe to insure exact dimensional accuracy. All   interior consoles, seats and   flight controls are built to military grade to withstand constant daily use. The front instrument panel is a high resolution virtual representation of the Jet Rangers panel. Use of a unique overlay instrument panel bezel provides a VERY REALISTIC appearance of the gauges. The center instrument console is populated with Radios and NAV/COM equipment. An optional Garmin G430 can be added as required.


To see this simulator in action click on the link to watch a You Tube Video:


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