RealSims, LLC 

is a modular hardware  manufacturing company specializing in the following areas:

- Simulator Hardware  Design/Mfg
- Simulator Consulting 
- Simulator Needs Analysis
- Display Systems Design/Mfg
- Sim Computer Sales & Service
- UAV Operator Consoles
- Project Management
- Simulator System Maint/Service


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We are
 a  VERIFIED SERVICE DISABLED VETERAN OWNED SMALL BUSINESS (SDVOSB)  multi-dimensional simulator manufacturing  company with over 35 years of industry experience delivering a wide range of products and services  including MODULAR / RECONFIGURABLE SIMULATORS used for the training of military and commercial aircrews and pilots , vehicle operators, UAS/UAV operators  pilots and ships crews.   We offer CONSULTING SERVICES and SIMULATOR SYSTEMS MAINTENANCE and SERVICES  within the  DoD and commercial aviation  Industry. 

Our Partners include:  Specialty Software Development Houses, ISO/MIL spec compliment small government sub contractors,  the US Military, General Aviation and Aerospace company's.

specialize in the design and manufacturing of High Quality Rugged / Realistic  representations of HELICOPTER,  FIXED WING  AIRCRAFT ,  DRIVER  and OPERATOR  COCKPIT  ENVIRONMENTS  used  in Pilot ,  Driver, and UAS System Training.

Our MODULAR  COMPONENT approach  to the manufacturing of simulator hardware components (Cockpit Shells and Crew Cabins, Instrument Consoles, Flight Control  Systems,  Motion Systems,  Platform Bases, Display Systems) and other necessary pieces of the simulation solution, such as HIGH PRE-CONFIGURED PERFORMANCE COMPUTER RACKS, used to drive the end solution results in a  COST  effective  means of building  the end simulation environment.  

Our clients can focus on what they do best (Software Customization) and we deliver all of their hardware needs, including the computer environment with pre installed base-line Prepar3D simulation software which includes the Software Development kits 
they need to custom build the end solution to meet their clients requirements. 

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